The Founders Manifesto

Let’s build together the Web 3.0

Initially, the founding fathers of the Internet, and in particular of Web 1.0, shared a base of common values and visions that were naturally supposed to develop cyberspace into a global platform for sharing, freedom, social and societal progress.

More recently, the emerging “sharing economy” and Web 2.0 carried the promise of overhauling business models with shared benefits for customers / users; then to bring the innovations in use that transform our lives and those of our children for the better, everywhere, quickly and easily.

Where are we today ?

The created value is every day more concentrated within overpowered oligopolies.
Innovation is held back, nipped in the bud.
Free speech is on the decline every day, everywhere.
The possible social progress has become the probable enslavement of the new generations by the technology which is now a centralized platform of ubiquitous control.
Finally, regulation in all its forms has become the objective ally of the dominant model, consolidating it to the detriment of the masses: crypto currencies, personal data, censorship, concentration of powers, …

Is it already too late?

Awareness is now generalized among the new generations who no longer subscribe to a model they know doomed.
Rapid blockchain-derived innovations make it possible to scale up fully decentralized platforms. Artificial intelligence combined with collective intelligence will enable the emergence of efficient and agile global decentralized autonomous organizations.
The rapid enrichment of visionary pioneers of decentralized finance is already turning them into long-term investors in Web 3.0.

In fact, the possible paradigm shift has become certain. : uses, financing, innovation, governance, sharing of value creation, …

Everyone, every day, can now co-build the models that will replace the centralized platforms which are monopolistic and confiscatory today.

Would you like to be part of it?

We, the founders of the Founders One ecosystem, are committed to:

  • Develop a global, inclusive and diverse citizens ecosystem of founders builders of Web 3.0
  • Build the financial and operational infrastructures enabling the emergence of leading decentralized platforms in 2030.
  • Guarantee the long-term alignment of stakeholders and sharing of value mainly benefiting their user community
  • Set up a genuinely decentralized governance of these platforms which will eventually take the form of DAOs.